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Welcome to Cross River Academy!

We accept enrollment

year round


Our Statement of Purpose:

  1. We will provide a legal covering for any family who chooses to home educate in the State of Alabama, regardless of race, financial standing, teaching method or religious belief.

  2. We will provide a database of resources, which may aid families in their decision to home educate and during their homeschool journey.

  3. We will help to enable parents to take responsibility for their children's academic, emotional and moral growth.

  4. We will provide quality social and educational activities, including field trips.   

  5. We will provide information to any family that requests it, whether they choose to enroll with our cover school or any other.

A note to our families and those interested in our cover school ...

COVID-19 brought about several changes in the way that things are done in our homes, communities and schools.  Cross River Academy has not been immune to these changes. 

Because of the COVID-19 virus, we have not been planning field trips or social activities.  This may change in the coming school year.  If we feel that it is safe to plan outings, we will certainly do so, and hope that we can get back to that as quickly as possible.  Many places that host field trips are beginning to open them back up, so we hope to have those in this coming year.

Also, for several years, the Superintendent of Education in Alabama has had the opinion that a Cover School is not required in Alabama to legally homeschool, however, the law is written differently.  I would ask that everyone be diligent in their research regarding this.   If you choose to school without a Cover, please be aware that requirements can change at any time.  Be mindful of what the Board of Education in your district requires regarding notification of intent to homeschool.  Watch the ALSDE website carefully for changes.

As always, enjoy the adventure that homeschool brings!


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