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Cross River Academy is a cover school offering home educating families in the State of Alabama a legal alternative to public or private schools.


Our commitment is to the children in the home school community.  We strive to provide up to date and accurate information on home school activities, field trips, curriculum, educational activities and social activities for families with children of all ages.  We are committed to helping Alabama's home educated children!

We DO NOT require ...

  1. Membership in HSLDA (though it is encouraged)

  2. Interview Process

  3. Detailed record keeping (ie hours per subject, hours per day)

  4. Exit exam at Graduation

  5. Standardized Testing

  6. Monthly Fees

  7. Lesson Plan approval

  8. Curriculum approval

  9. Mandatory parent meetings

  10. Statement of Faith

What do we offer?

  1. Legal Church School Covering - Statewide

  2. A year-round, 365 day calendar that allows families to learn in a flexible manner.

  3. Year-round enrollment - Families may enroll at any time during the year.  Fees WILL NOT be prorated and re-enrollment WILL BE DUE the following AUGUST 1, regardless of start date.

  4. Unlimited Access to the Cross River Academy Website, which contains additional educational resources at

  5. A Facebook Page for field trip notifications, helpful information and social activities information at 

  6. Full support of all teaching methods, including, but not limited to; eclectic, traditional and unschooling.

  7. Diplomas issued using the same standards, or higher, as set by the State of Alabama.

  8. Official Transcript to graduating seniors (two are given at Graduation at no cost, all others require a fee)

  9. Official Diploma for graduating seniors (additional fees for a formally printed and bound Diploma).

  10. Freedom to choose a curriculum that you, the parent, feels is best suited for your child's learning level, method of learning and interests.

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